If your residence is on FIRE
If you decide to leave the building... Check the exit door to your apartment. If you see smoke entering from around the door or if the door feels hot, do not open it. Remain in your apartment.

  • Open the door slowly and check the corridor for smoke. If it is clear, take your keys, lock your door and go to the nearest stairway.
  • Remember, elevators are not safe to use during a fire.
  • Pull the nearest fire alarm and yell FIRE to alert others.
  • Try a second escape route if your first attempt is blocked by heavy smoke or heat.
  • Return to your apartment if both routes are blocked and seal your door.

If you decide to remain in your apartment...
You must protect yourself from the smoke.

  • Call 911 and tell them where you are located in the building.
  • Move to the balcony or the most smoke-free room of the apartment and close the door.
  • Open a window for fresh air and signal for help with a sheet or bright clothing.
  • Keep low to the floor where air is the cleanest.
  • Use duct tape to seal cracks around the door and place wet towels at the bottom to keep smoke from entering your apartment. Seal vents and air ducts the same way.

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