Andrew Catron
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VA EMT-Basic; TN EMT- IV Tech
ICS 3 (FEMA), ICS 100 (FEMA), ICS 200 (FEMA), ICS 700 (FEMA), ICS 800 (FEMA); Firefighter I (VDFP), Firefighter II (VDFP), Trench Rescue (VDFP), Farm Machinary Extrication (VDFP), L.P. Gas Emergencies (VDFP), Haz-Mat Operations (VDFP), Basic Pump Operations (VDFP), Emergency Vehicles Operations Class 3 (VDFP); Modular Emergency Response Radiological Transportation Training (DOE); Swift Water Rescue Technician (Rescue 3 International); Rope Rescue Technician (RTC), Confined Space Operations (RTC), Trench Rescue Operations (RTC), Vehicle Rescue Technician (RTC), Structural Collapse Technician (RTC); Earl Morphew Memorial School Bus Rescue Technician Course; Basic Firefighting (TFACA), Live Burn (TFACA), Firefighter Safety and Survival (TFACA), Emergency Response to Terrorism (TFACA)
Year Started
Other Companies
Chilhowie Fire Special Operations Team Member
Positions Held
Explorer; Firefighter

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