Prepare your residence for a FIRE
Smoke Alarms
YOU are responsible for maintenance, testing your smoke alarm and replacing the batteries

  • Have a smoke alarm outside each sleeping area and one on every level of the apartment.
  • Check alarms monthly (by pushing the test button & listening for alarm.)
  • Change your batteries twice yearly during day light saving time (change your clocks, change your batteries.)
  • Dust is your smoke alarms #1 enemy. Vacuum dust from the grill of your detector twice a year.
  • Replace your smoke alarm every 10 years.

Exits/Access Clear

  • Check for locked or barred exit doors in the hallway. They should open easily from the inside.
  • Keep access to your apartment clear and open by keeping storage away from doors and windows.
  • Remove or report any combustible storage found under stairwells or blocking hallways.


  • Make sure your address is clearly visible from the street for emergency responders.
  • Post your address and phone number in the apartment for babysitters and visitors.
  • Escape Plans
    Most people die from smoke, not fire. The goal here is to practice getting away from the smoke.

    • Have two plans or routes of escape from your apartment and agree on a meeting place outside.
    • Practice using both ways out closing doors behind you to prevent the spread of fire.
    • Draw, plan, and practice your escape routes every 6 months.
    • Locate fire alarm pull stations in your building and know how to use them.
    • Teach young children that they must escape from a fire and never hide.
    • Encourage management to schedule regular Fire Drills for all residents.

    Fire Extinguisher

    • Have an all purpose fire extinguisher available hanging by your exit.
    • Learn the limits of your extinguisher and use it only on small fires

    Life Safety is Everyone's business - Be Fire Safety Conscious!
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